Paleo Mango Chutney that you can eat with anything and everything… I dare you

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Paleo Mango Chutney - it's so simple!! Goes great with your Indian curries - The Urban Ecolife

So I have a confession to make. I don’t just eat this with Indian curries. Supposedly that’s what mango chutney is served with? There are no rules in my kitchen though. This mango chutney you see here, it goes with pretty much anything. Trust me on this one. I highly recommend chucking it in your morning omelette. Sooooo good.


With mangoes in abundance here, we had a few that were starting to ripen beyond our ability to eat them. So what’s one to do? I can think of a handful at the top of my head!


  • Freeze it for later use in smoothies
  • Make mango ice-cream
  • Preserve as a mango jam
  • Dehydrate into mango chips
  • Use it in baking
  • Finally, make Mango Chutney of course!


There is no reason for fruit that’s on the verge of over-ripening  to ever go wasted! A little bit of organisation goes a long way in this scenario. Not to mention, we are talking about precious mangoes here! They are like the golden nugget of the fruit world. Seriously, if you can’t eat them all, share with the neighbours! You’ll make a friend for life with that small gesture.


So this chutney, believe it or not, is a first for me. I’m a long time fan and know a good chutney from a bad. My Grandma was queen of this stuff. Her tomato chutney was the bomb. She did still use refined white sugar though, so I’ve substituted with coconut sugar and even then, only used it sparingly. After all, this is a savory dish. The raisins are an optional addition. I like them so I added them. Whatcha gonna do?

Paleo Mango Chutney - it's so simple!! Goes great with your Indian curries - The Urban Ecolife



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